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Three Rooms You Can Update On A Budget

It can be very frustrating to want to make changes to your home but not have enough money to do so. You might think you can’t make changes to your home on a tight budget, but you’d be surprised at how much you can do with even a small amount of money. Even if you just give your home a deep clean, even the smallest changes can make a big difference in how it looks and feels. If you’re on a tight budget but would like to make changes to... Read More

WiFi Washing Machines

The rise of smart phones, and their impact on how we live our lives on a day to day basis, has been obvious over the past few years.  As manufacturers have looked to future proof themselves, it was inevitable that white goods were soon going to be getting the well be the catalyst that consumers needed to buy into the improving technology. If there was ever a sign that Washing Machines were going to have a large impact on me in 2022, it was at 9:30am on New Year’s Day... Read More

How To Choose A High-Quality Oven And Hob

Thinking of purchasing a new, high-quality oven and hob combination? We provide a complete guide to choosing your oven appliance, breaking down the specifications, fuel types and key features available to you, in order to provide a valuable handbook for choosing the right oven and hob for your home. Types Of Oven The type of oven appliance you choose will most likely depend on the space available to you, with single ovens an ideal choice for smaller properties, as an example. Below, we take a closer look at the different... Read More

Welcome to our new site

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our brand new eCommerce site, and also our new blog, which will be updated regularly to keep you up to date with the latest news and special offers.  Our new site has been developed with our customers in mind, and as a result of this you’ll find an easy to use website with effective search facilities and an efficient checkout process.  We really hope you enjoy having a look around the new site – we will be constantly adding new products... Read More


Join Us For Our Kitchen Spectacular Open Day 19th January 2019!

Come And Join Us For A Fun-Filled Celebration Of All Things Food, Drink & Kitchen! Saturday 19th January 10am – 4pm 2019     We will be offering: Lucky Dip Discount Vouchers & Goody Bags to the first 10 people visiting the Kitchen Department Live Cookery Demonstrations throughout the day Food & Drink Tasters Discounted Kitchen Appliances 10% off All Cookshop items to stylise your new kitchen Expert Kitchen Designers on hand to guide you through our unique kitchen features Free to enter Prize draw to win ………….. Kids Make it Yourself Station Why... Read More


How To Watch the World Cup in 4K UHD!

Information taken from BBC.co.uk Can I watch the World Cup live in Ultra HD on my connected TV? We are pleased to announce a new cutting-edge trial which will see all 29 of BBC One’s World Cup matches available in Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) on BBC iPlayer – but you’ll need to grab your seat early as there is a limited number of spaces available (tens of thousands) for each game. What do I need to watch the World Cup in Ultra HD? You’ll need a compatible... Read More

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Better Together – Save £120 when you buy the Bose SOUNDTOUCH® 300 & Bose SOUNDBAR ACOUSTIMASS® 300 Together – Limited Offer!

Limited Offer! Don’t wait any longer to experience the amazing sound of the SoundTouch® 300 soundbar together with the Acoustimass® 300 bass module.  For a limited time only, save £120 when you purchase the two together! Soundbars are a must for the TV / Audio connoisseur.  Today’s televisions, being so sleek and slim-line, aren’t built to give an all-encompassing sound experience without an additional soundbar. Bose live up to their name for high quality, realistic sound with their SoundTouch 300 soundbar. It arguably offers the best performance, separation and bass of... Read More

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NEEEED a New BIG TV for the World Cup?? Of Course you do! Easy Peasy 18 Month 0% Credit HERE!!

Gather your friends round, adorn your house / car / street with ENGERLAAAAND flags, get the beers ready AND maybe show off a bit with a brand spanking new enormous Samsung QLED Television??   You know you want to, but… 1. You can’t afford it 2. You don’t exactly need a new TV 3. How on earth are you going to convince your partner that an enormous new TV with all the mess, cables and destruction that go with it, is a good idea?? Fear Not! We are here to help! The... Read More

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Now In-Store! VAMOOSH! Pet Hair Dissolver With SUPERPOWERS!

Vamoosh – The easier way to machine wash your pet bedding!  If you have a dog or a cat, you’ll probably have succumbed to the fact that everything you own gets covered in pet hair! You may have also experienced the difficulty of washing your pet’s bedding in the washing machine. Firstly vacuuming and lint rolling the bedding before putting it into the machine, followed by removing the clogged up hair in your washing machine drum and door after the cycle has finished – and even then THERE’S STILL HAIR EVERYWHERE –... Read More

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Meet the Chefs – Charlotte Pike

Charlotte Pike is a graduate of the famous Ballymaloe Cookery School’s Certificate Course and is a food writer, cookery teacher and Chef. Charlotte is the Founder and Director of Field & Fork Cookery School, in Oxfordshire. It’s always a delight to have Charlotte cooking for us in our Neff Cookery Theatre! Her enthusiasm for food and travel shines through and makes every evening most interesting and inspiring. For each new demonstration, Charlotte will have undoubtedly come across some amazing and authentic new recipes from her recent worldly travels, and is always keen to share her stories as to how and where she found them and to demonstrate how easy and delicious each one is.