NEEEED a New BIG TV for the World Cup?? Of Course you do! Easy Peasy 18 Month 0% Credit HERE!!

Gather your friends round, adorn your house / car / street with ENGERLAAAAND flags, get the beers ready AND maybe show off a bit with a brand spanking new enormous Samsung QLED Television??


You know you want to, but…

1. You can’t afford it

2. You don’t exactly need a new TV

3. How on earth are you going to convince your partner that an enormous new TV with all the mess, cables and destruction that go with it, is a good idea??

Fear Not! We are here to help!

  1. The below state-of-the-art models all have 18 Months Interest Free Credit available AND with only a 20% deposit up front! You CAN afford it!
2. How old is your TV? Is the picture lacking definition and realisitic colour? Are the blacks grey? Is it big and bulky? Does your TV stand out like a sore thumb? Is it a SMART TV? Can you watch Netflix and YouTube in 4K? Can you plug all of your equipment in? Do you have Catchup TV? Can you talk to your TV? – No? You need a new TV!
Colour and light technology is continually improving, but with Samsung’s new QLED range, there are over a billion shades of colour available to provide you with the most realistic picture. Using Q Colour, Samsung took the simple process of turning light into colour, turning the colour volume right up to 100% with their ground-breaking Quantum dot technology. Q contrast also provides the screen with the capability of providing the best pictures, with deeper detailed blacks whether the room is sun filled or dingy! No more closing the curtains or squinting! Despite the screen size, the TVs are incredibly thin, just like putting a picture up on your wall, No ugly big black bulky screen surround! Suitable for any modern or traditional styled room. If you have an older flat screen, or, god (other religious deities are available) help you, a CRT television, you will not believe how thin these guys are!!
You are probably used to watching YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video etc through your phone, tablet or laptop, but why not watch it on your BIG SCREEN TV in glorious 4K? It’s so easy with Samsung SmartThings, a universal guide means that everything you want to watch is in one place, with just one remote control! You can even search for a show with voice control!  Now, if you want to get reeeally clever, and maybe even gain some Brownie points, you can even control your Kitchen appliances from your TV!
3. Convincing your partner should be a piece of cake!

Alongside the above features, your new slim lined, bezeless television could also act as a piece of artwork, or a family photograph, or if you want your TV to be invisible whilst not in use, Ambient Mode can blend your TV into the background by matching the wall behind it! Magical!!

No need to worry about hundreds of black unsightly spaghetti-junction-like cables, now this range of TVs has JUST ONE Near-Invisible Cable. The One Connect Box gathers all your connections, and just the One Near-Invisible cable is used to return to the TV. Now you can de-clutter your living room, with all your boxes and devices hidden from sight!!  This means the TV can go ANYWHERE in your room of choice. Not being restricted by plug points and aerial sockets. With their 360° design, you can watch the TV from any angle Samsung QLED TVs blend effortlessly into their environment, sitting flush to the wall, with no unsightly gap, in no time at all, to leave you with the stylish, clutter free living room you have always dreamed of. No wall space? No problem. The sleek designer stand will blend perfectly into any room.

A TV to suit anyone and any home! What you waiting for? Visit us soon and ask our in-store experts for a demonstration!


*New Samsung 2018 models available soon.

Interest Free Credit available on both QLED and UHD  65″ – 82″ screensize models as listed above. 18 month period. 20% Deposit. Terms & Conditions apply. Subject to status. Ask in-store for details.

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