Sony Android TV Problems? Slow Remote? 3 Ways to Fix it Yourself!

Android TV – The ease and convenience of Apps you would use on your tablet, but on a much bigger screen! From Blockbuster movies to live sports, Android TV delivers a world of content, apps and games to your living room like no other TV before.

If you’re reading this Blog, you are probably already benefiting from the choice and flexibility of home entertainment that Android TV offers. The new technology however, has made televisions more like computers and in turn need to be treated and used like computers. If you have noticed your television is getting slow to load, is sluggish moving between apps or the remote control is becoming unresponsive or slow, then you can try one (or all!) of the steps below:

20160405_1221301. Not many people know this trick.

Press the green standby button on the top right of your remote control and keep it pressed down for 10 seconds, it will reset your TV and apps, a bit like turning your computer off and on again!







20160401_1248572. Still slow? Try Clearing the Cache!

Press the Home button – scroll down to Settings – go right to to find the Sony Select App and the Sony Shelf App (this will take a while to find as they are in Alphabetical Order!) In each App scroll across and CLEAR DATA and CLEAR CACHE this will empty the TV of all the rubbish it has accumulated and allow it to process faster!


 3. The above 2 processes should reboot your TV and get it working faster, but if all else fails, try a Factory Data reset. This sorts out most software problems, but it does take 10-15 minutes and you will be required to type in your postcode, find your wifi and go through an auto retune. So have a cuppa / Gin & Tonic ready to get your through!

Press the Home button – Go to Settings – Scroll to Storage and Reset – Choose Factory Data Reset.

20160401_12410820160401_124230 (1)




Your TV should be up and working as fast as new now.

If you still experience problems then don’t hesitate to contact us on 01202 484411 and ask for our service department!

Not got an Android TV yet? Check out our website or come in store for more information!


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