Steam Cooking – The future is already here.

Why Steam is the Future of Cooking?

Steam ovens have long been available for professional chefs who have enjoyed the benefits using steam to produce more flavourful and moist food. There are now many affordable steam ovens on the market which can be used by anybody and offer enormous benefits to your cooking and health.

Why choose a steam oven?

A steam oven does everything that your current oven does but helps you to amplify flavour, texture and colour. Electric ovens produce very dry heat meaning you need to baste your food in fats and oils to keep it moist. A steam oven solves this problem allowing you to cook meat, fish and vegetables using less fat and oil. The result is bright, delicious food which is better for you.

AEG_steam_1How does it work?

When the oven is in use the heat turns the water into steam, most steam ovens have a removable reservoir which you refill with water.

What else can you cook with steam?

The list is never-ending! The steam oven will replace your need for a microwave, standard oven and slow cooker. You can defrost food, boil eggs, cook risotto, bake beautifully moist cakes and bread, slow-cook meat and casseroles and produce a perfect roast chicken.

How do I choose a steam oven?

With many of the mainstream manufacturers now making steam ovens you are spoilt for choice, AEG is at the forefront of steam technology and offers a variety of sizes and styles to suit you.

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aeg_ttf_experience_chcoclatepudding_Best Steam Oven for Baking

The SteamBake function from AEG is one of the best on the market for you, the oven injects a burst of steam at the beginning of the cooking process by pouring water into the base of the oven, the steam burst ensures a rise before the heat seals and crisps the crust. The AEG Pyrolux Single Oven BP330306KM has this function and is available from £499.99 at Purewell Superstore.

Best Steam Oven for Roasting and Baking

The AEG BP501431EM (available from £729 at Purewell Superstore) has a Quarter Steam function will help you achieve a perfect roast by combining the quarter steam setting with heat. It allows you to achieve food that is moist in the centre and crispy on the outside.

Best Steam Oven for Pure Steaming, Baking and Roasting

If you opt for full steam you can choose to use quarter, half or full steam whilst cooking. Full steam is best for fish, vegetables and rice, half steam works well for lasagne and casseroles and quarter steam is perfect for chicken. The AEG BS831470KM has a full steam function and is available from £979.

Unknown-12Best Steam Oven for Sous Vide (Baking, Roasting and Steaming)

If you’re looking for professional and precise results, the AEG Sous Vide gives you what you need, it has full steam functionality and you can also steam food that has been vacuum packed. The BS836680KM – sous vide from AEG is available from £1167 at Purewell Superstore.

Want to find out more? Purewell Superstore stock a wide variety of steam ovens and can help you choose the right oven for you and your cooking style.Unknown

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