Why is my vacuum cleaner not picking up? Top DIY tips!

Why is my vacuum cleaner not picking up?

New Year, Fresh Start! Time for some Spring Cleaning…but hang on, my vacuum cleaner isn’t picking up?!

Read below for top tips on how to identify the problem and sort it yourself:


Dirty Filters

The most common problem is dirty filters, especially with handheld vacuum cleaners such as the Dyson models. The filters are very important and designed to protect the motor by catching all the stray particles sucked up, but they do get clogged up and need cleaning or replacing. Most manufactures tell you to check every 3 months or each time you get a new box of bags. Lots of modern filters are washable. Wash them in luke warm water with no detergent and air dry them in a warm place for 24 hours until bone dry and put back in place. If they are damp they will simply clog up again! If they are replaceable filters, ask in our showroom or online, we keep some in stock and can order them in quickly for you if we don’t have them!

Vacuum_cleaner_bagDustbag Full

A nice easy thing to check for! Sometimes lack of suction is all about the vacuum cleaner bag being full! Simple, but I forget to check this time and time again myself! We keep plenty of vacuum cleaner bags in stock in our showroom and again, if not, we can order them in for you! Please ask instore or online for more details.


Brushroll Problems

Er…well what can I say… I have long hair! A regular problem I have is my brushroll getting completely clogged up with long hair. It might be string or pet hair instead, but if you pick up enough of it, it will stop the brushroll from turning round and in turn stop the brushes from picking bits off the floor. Take a pair of sharp scissors and snip it all off. You might have to take the bottom plate off the floor head, usually you can take this off with a coin, or it may need unscrewing. If the brushroll isn’t turning and it isn’t blocked, it could be that the belt has snapped. This usually means you have picked something BAD up, like a screw or nail. Again it is protecting the motor for you. Carefully check inside the floor head for any foreign objects. You will need a new belt. We keep some in stock in our showroom, but again we can order most belts in for you quickly. Please ask instore or online for more details.


So you’ve tried everything else, could there be a blockage? This will reduce the airflow, and stop suction. If the vacuum cleaner gets too hot it will also trip the thermal fuse and the vacuum cleaner will stop working. The main culprits are hair, which balls up and the lint from new carpets. Check the hose by pushing a broom handle through it to push out any blockages, check any additional wands and accessories and in upright cleaners there are usually extra inspection panels that lead to airways inside the cleaner.

Still Can’t find the problem?

Pop in and speak to our Sales Team to see how they can help!



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